How to become an affiliate?

You can register and become a Travellers Home Affiliate via this link:

What is affiliate commission?

Travellers Home affiliate has 2 levels.

  1. Top Level affiliate partner earns 8% of your referral’s purchase
  2. If your referral also sign up as affiliate, your referral become your second level affiliate.
  3. If your second level affiliate’s referral also make purchase, your second level affiliate receives 8% affiliate commission; the respective top level affiliate earns additional 2% affiliate commission

How do I get paid?

You will need to update your bank confirmation to receive payment. You can update your bank information via this link after log into your affiliate account:

You can submit your payout request to our email :

How do I make a referral?

Each referral has their own unique referral link and respective QR code.

You need to Log into your affiliate account page.

Go to Marketing – Affiliate Links

You will find your unique referral link and respective QR code there.

You can share your link or QR code to your family & friend. Once they click the link, they will become your referral, and you will earn commission from their purchases.

Please note: One user can only become one person’s referral, if a person/account already account A’s referral, he can’t become B’s referral again.